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You have been absolutely stellar to work with, and I SO appreciate your honesty!!!  I would recommend BVI Yacht Sales to anyone looking for a boat in your area!  Thank you so much for your work on our behalf.


Kurt Petry

Kurt Petry,
01 Aug 2017

Chris and Karen:

Thank you both for your help and guidance along the way.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I am grateful to have found a trustworthy source in BVI Yacht Sales.  Never once did I feel that you did not have our best interest at heart.  It is refreshing in this day and age.



31 Jul 2017

BVI broker recommendation
This is just to share the excellent experience i had selling my boat through BVI Yacht Sales. Todd Duff did a great job as a broker and Karen Simpson a stellar job in handling a closing that involved many countries. They will not take a listing at a price that a boat cannot be sold but once they take a listing they work on it. Buyer got a great deal but I have no problem with that. I would not hesitate to my next boat through BVI Yacht Sales. (posted in Cruisers Forum) Go to Testimonial 

Carlos S/V La Morocha via. Cruiser's Forum,
13 Jan 2017

Hi Chris,
Thanks for writing and the very thoughtful reply.  You seem like a very kind person and you should let the owners know I'd enjoy working with you to see if we could make a deal happen here.  Some of the other brokers I've dealt with on 6-figure boats are almost rude or snobbish but you are quite the opposite.



Rich Whitlock,
08 Nov 2016

Thank you both for an outstanding job in helping us move through this entire process.  It's taken a while, but all for good reasons and in the end, we definitely feel great about the purchase and the condition of vessel!

Mike Draper,
19 Aug 2016

Todd, you are a true professional and have earned my trust. I will use you as my broker, as well as recommend you to others.

Richard Wessel,
10 Aug 2016

Hi Chris, I’ve strongly mentioned our very positive experience buying a yacht through with quite a few people ! We think you personally are one of the best out there. Good sailing ahead for you and yours.
Thanks again, 

Scott Ladd Mills, S/V Curandera,
25 Jul 2016

Penny commented that you seem to be real honest broker and forthright on boat issues. A real pleasure when you look at some of the other brokers we dealt with here stateside. I told her you would the preferred broker I would want to deal with when purchasing a boat if we had a choice.

Stan and Penny Patterson,
15 Jul 2016

Hi Chris, I believe that you are one of the few honest boat brokers around and you have been open about Lucille from the outset. 

I'm sorry we didn't do business through you in the end but who knows,  maybe one day we will. 

Len, RE: S/V Lucille,
14 Jul 2016

Dear Clive,
Thank you for being the best facilitator of our excellent holiday. We are thrilled with the boat and much appreciate the essential advice you've given us - not always followed! But appreciated.
Thanks also for sending me the boat docs via Justin - who has been a great go to person for Greg to call.
We left Peter's Barbados flag in your office. I've emailed Peter to thank him for the boat and to let him know the flag is with you if he would like it back.
Clive, we've met many happy sailors who brought their boat from you. We are very happy to be part of your fleet!
Best wishes,


Tracy & Greg Dee, S/V Options,
14 Jun 2016

Thanks Chris, 

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your interest in Lucille. You have way beyond what a broker is required to do.

Thank you so much.

Gary Cretcher,
08 Jun 2016

Our thanks to Todd and Karen for all their help and support while we worked through the process of buy a sailboat. I am a recently retired banker who has been involved in numerous buy/sell business deals in my career and don't recall a smoother sale/purchase. Besides helping us with the purchase, Rita and I now have new friends to trade sea stories with!

Lonnie & Rita Parsons,
16 May 2016

Hi Chris, I have dealt with brokers in the past both bad and good but let me tell you that you come out on top of any and all boat brokers i have had dealings with. Let me thank you again for your honest and very professional advice as well as your support in my search for the right boat. Kind Regards, 

Hans Hofmann,
20 Apr 2016

Karen & Chris:
All's well that ends well !!... In spite of the frustration, business hiccups do happen.The measure of a business is the speed and professionalism that goes into solving a challenge and ending up with a Permanent solution. I will still recommend BVI Yacht sales to my cruising friends which, I have already done.

Regards & Success in your future sales.

Mike & Nicole Baxter,
31 Mar 2016

Dear Todd,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did for my wife Angie and myself during the recent purchase of our boat.  We were especially impressed with your willingness to go way above and beyond what would traditionally be considered the duties of the seller’s broker to help us, the buyers! You helped to make what could have been a stressful experience, in fact, delightful!!
We flew down to Tortola with the intention to look at a boat and fly home the next day.  We ended up deciding to buy the boat, which presented us with some problems.  Although the boat is a 2012, it had been neglected and needed a lot of work.  We decided it would be best to stay and get the boat fixed up but I had to return to the U.S. to work and Angie didn’t have any experience working with boats.  While you could have decided that your duties to us, as the seller’s broker were over, you, instead, helped Angie arrange all the work that needed to be done.  You introduced her to contractors, offered your discount at the local marine parts store, worked on her behalf with the boatyard, and made sure she was OK for the entire ten days she spent getting the boat finished.  Then, you took a whole morning out of your day to help her position the boat back to Trellis Bay and even agreed to keep an eye on it until we could return to bring her home.
Your work ethic and integrity is very refreshing in a profession where that is not always the case.  Your willingness to help us out as you did speaks volumes about you as a person!  We’ve already recommended you to friends.  Thank you very much!!

Dixon and Angie Pearce , S/V As You Wish,
27 Mar 2016

 Dear Chris & Karen,

 Rick and I wanted to thank you so much for all your work and help in finding  our cruiser, We are very pleased with our purchase and can't wait to start our  new adventure, see you in the fall, thanks again, 

Rick & Noreen, S/V Vie Boheme,
23 Mar 2016

Dear Todd,
Ria and I were sorry not to be able to say our thanks and farewell personally so I am afraid that an Email will have to suffice.
Our sincere thanks for all your help and advice in the search for the boat for Denise and then in the current refit and preparation for their Pacific trip. We really were extremely impressed with the way that you handled Denise's many questions and requests, both before we arrived on the BVIs and once we started looking at possible boats. Your advice on how to approach the considerable work that we have undertaken and help with contacts has been invaluable and will certainly be a major factor in what I believe will be a very successful project. Ria and I are currently on our way back to UK; we feel that we have done what was needed to get Denise and Nick on the way with the various projects and feel confident that with Geoff's and your continuing help Sold the Farm will emerge as a well found yacht ready for the Pacific crossing.
As well as all the help, we really enjoyed your company and learnt much in the process; very many thanks for these.
All very best wishes to you and Gail for the future; "fair winds and clean diesel!!!"
kind regards

Ria and Duncan Briggs,
15 Mar 2016

Hi Chris!
I hope you have not left for the day, before receiving this official HERITAGE closing THANK YOU! 
I really honestly heartfully thank you for all that you did in representation of HERITAGE sale. You always readily replied to my concerns and questions, throughout the past ten months and I felt were very honest in telling me of your views and expectations, supported ALWAYS with good number of years of expertise and experience. Karen was equally on top of things in the closing process, never missing a beat.
I am excited for the new owners and know they have a wonderful life adventure ahead. HERITAGE will be good to them, I am certain.
Please provide me Todd's email. I never had the pleasure of meeting him.
My best to you and BVI Yacht Sales Company! I am certain that because of the staff and operation that you maintain, it will continue to be successful!
Warmest regards,

Nancy Mudd, S/V Heritage,
29 Feb 2016

Hello Todd,
We just wanted to thank you for all your work in the quick sale of our vessel. Your efforts were much appreciated. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone buying or selling a vessel in the Caribbean. 
Thanks again,



Paul & Wendy Lynagh, S/V Sapphire Breeze,
12 Feb 2016

Hi Chris,
You're a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you for your effort in my interest and your honest appraisal of this boat! An unusually forthright effort! As you well know, boat owners can be an enigmatic crowd!
If I were to eventually buy a boat I would hope you would be my broker. Thanks for your attention to my concerns and hopefully we can do business in the future.
Thanks again and best regards,


Michael, s/v Here Comes The Sun,
04 Jan 2016